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Utility Anchors and Accessories Need Technical Support Email tech alpsupply com Lifting and Handling Utility Anchor System 444 and 671 Diameter 7 14mm and 18mm 6 Recess Members for Utility Anchor System 9 Mounting Hardware for Utility Anchor System 3 Need assistance Call Us 1 800 332 7090 1 215 736 2030 General Inquiries

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C102 0025 Guy Adapter Length 18 quot Type Tripleye Steel Galvanized Guy Adapter Length 18 Inch Type Tripleye Material Steel Galvanized Item 601176 C102 0025 UPC 096359008293 Category Utility Pole Guy Hooks Sign In

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Anchoring amp Foundations Hubbell Power Systems Inc continues to lead the electric utility and telecommunication industries in supplying anchors and helical foundations More than 100 years ago the CHANCE 174 brand of anchors started with one factory in Centralia Missouri The CHANCE line of anchors and foundations comes with a rich history of

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This continues across the entire anchor span You will not usually see this happen with wood poles held on strung wires This helps reduce outages on the line allowing for faster and easier repair if a pole goes down Existing Infrastructure A big challenge with using other pole materials is changing over the existing infrastructure There are roughly 130 million wooden

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Meeting all your Pole Line Hardware needs Select from a variety of quality vendors Check out the Mile Estimator on page A 16 8 Way Expanding Anchors Covers 70 115 135 200 sq in Anchor Rods 5 8 quot rod diameter 5 6 7 8 thimbleye and twineye Angled Thimbleye 5 8 quot and 10 quot 12 quot 14 quot 16 quot lengths Cable Extension Arms For 17 1 2 quot to 26 quot and 26 1 2 quot to 44 1 2 quot

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Anchor bolts templates nuts amp washers Hot dip galvanised finish Pole Shaft and Top Cap Pole shafts are manufactured from sheet or plate steel that has a minimum tensile strength of 450MPa The welded top cap is usually made from Grade 250 equivalent steel or greater and is not a structural element of the pole Shafts are all 12 and 16 sided to allow flat mounting faces

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Used to secure two cable suspension clamps or other attachments on opposite sides of utility pole Each Double Arming Bolt is supplied with four attached square nuts Bolt provided with cone point at each end to ease starting Hot dip galvanized to meet ASTM Specification F2329 Minimum tensile strength 20 050 lbf Recommended torque value 130 ft lb Our Price 3 96

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2012 06 01 nbsp 0183 32 Wood Utility Poles and Preservative Choices June 1 2012 There are some 160 to 180 million wood utility poles in service in the US They are the backbone of overhead line construction and most of these poles are pressure treated with some type of

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Anchor Pole Key 276 sq in By CHANCE Utility Catalog ID P4817 Expanding Pole Key Anchor Used to reinforce poles in soft soils where the load is unbalanced and the pole must resist the load Used in situations where guys and guy anchors are not practical Anchors are painted with a black paint Contact Us Add to List More Options Get a Quote

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1993 01 29 nbsp 0183 32 Treated utility poles in water supply areas 1 0 INTRODUCTION Chemical treatment of wood is a common practice to preserve its structural integrity extend its lifetime and protect its appearance The treatment certainly extends the lifetime of wood but its use may also result in adverse public health and environmental related hazards especially if the treated

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Primary insulator pins at line side of pole mounted load break switch to be supplied and installed by the utility Secondary insulators Spool type to EEMAC2B 1 mounted on secondary racks for secondary runs Guy strain insulators Strain type to EEMAC1B 1 nominal rating 15 kV one per guy wire Post type insulators standard GUYS AND ANCHORS

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Utility Pole Anchors 31 Found Expanding 17 Helix 10 Guy Hooks 4 12656 Anchor Extension Length 5 Type Square Shaft Steel Galvanized Item 601182 12656 UPC 096359068624 Sign In or Register to view pricing and more

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Preventing Core Rot With Polesaver Sleeves ASK Products has been manufacturing Electrical Connectors for over 50 years A typical joint pole supports three facilities electric power cable television and telephone Types of Wood Used for Utility Poles Southern Yellow Pine The following video shows the debarking framing conditioning and treating of a utility pole that


be facing the anchor on angled poles exceeding 59 degrees the birthmark should face the non standard poles will need to be special ordered pole sizing 10 4 10 cecconi guinn elkins poles general pole location poles shall be located as specified on the work order poles for new lines along city streets should be back of the sidewalk or according to city town specifications if

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Tengco specializes in utility pole hardware including anchor shackles bent bolts carriage bolts disconnect blades polegain mounting brackets and more 714 676 8200 salesvp tengco com Facebook

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Types of Anchor Bolts Anchor bolts can be divided into two main categories bent bar anchors and headed anchor bolts How the two provide stability for the structure is important for understanding which anchor bolt you should use on your construction project Headed Anchor Bolts There are a few different head types for the headed anchor bolt including the square

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Strength systems for overhead line utility poles For the reinforcement of poles supporting overhead lines different type of solutions are possible depending on the chosen configuration Thus poles can be strengthen by installing stay wires creating pole struts or anchor struts Products presented in this part of our offer are engineered to offer structural strengthening to

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A fi nished wood utility pole can be made from several types of trees Common species of wood poles include Southern Pine Douglas fi r Western Red Cedar and Red Norway Pine The trees are harvested milled to a length and class and pressure treated with a preservative Utility engineers staking technicians and linemen must select the correct length and class of

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Figure 2 7 Anchors proper anchoring and guying of pole lines is essential These precautions also help to support poles that are set in sandy or swampy ground and they counteract added strains caused by the elements such as high winds snow and ice Various types of guy anchors have been developed to hold imposed loads securely in varying soil conditions

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A utility pole is a column or post used to support overhead power lines and various other public utilities such as electrical cable fiber optic cable and related equipment such as transformers and street lights It can be referred to as a transmission pole telephone pole telecommunication pole power pole hydro pole telegraph pole or telegraph post depending on its application

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2018 12 14 nbsp 0183 32 Distribution poles comprise three common types tangent guyed and self supporting Tangent utility poles usually arranged in a straight line with other poles do not have any external type of support and normally are made of wood Guyed poles are constructed with an angled support cable attached to the pole and anchored into the ground


LAST CHANCE SERVICES is an earth anchor sales and installation company We use the patented Exterior soils can cause basement foundation and other wall types to bow and buckle Simply core a hole in the wall drive and load test anchors to stabilize and stop wall movement Utility Poles MANTA RAY 174 earth anchors have REA acceptance Structures


pole concrete 35 ft type 1 same drilling as 30 type 1 bolt mach sq nut 5 8 quot x6 quot pole concrete 35 ty 3 pole concrete 40 type 3 pole concrete 45 type 3 pole concrete 50 ty class ii pole concrete 55 type class ii distribution pole concrete 65 spun round 14 kip 15 39 quot tip pole cncr 15 ty 0 tennon pole cncr 15 ty 0 tennon

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Utility Structures Inc USI is a precast concrete manufacturer specializing in concrete poles for Outdoor Streetlighting Sports Lighting and Utility Hydro Distribution We also have a comprehensive line of Utility Underground products Highway Barriers Pole Bases and Storage Sheds We carry a large spectrum of precast concrete manholes related to the Hydro industry

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values for given anchor types This did not obviate the soil classification data but strengthened and simplified it so the utility employee could install a PISA anchor or other Chance anchor to a given torque value and predict with relative accuracy the holding capacity of the installed anchor Actually the correlation between installing torque

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Threaded anchor rods for all types of anchors Single thimble AST Double thimble ADT C S A Specification No C 83 No R1 R2 R3 and R14 No Single Double Length Diameter Std Pkg Wt lbs C 658AST 658ADT 6 5 8 5 750 758AST 758ADT 7 5 8 5 830 858ADT 8 5 8 5 930 634ADT 6 3 4 5 1010 734ADT 7 3 4 5 1160 834ADT 8 3 4

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Customers looking for strong heavy duty guying anchors for towers and poles choose American Earth Anchors Penetrators Bullets and Arrowheads Great for securing telephone and power poles ziplines communication equipment and more Our Penetrator anchors screw easily into the ground in clay or sandy soil Our Arrowhead and Bullet anchors can be installed with a

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MPS Utility Anchor products are proven anchor or foundation solutions for all utility infrastructure construction and repair issues MPS Utility Anchors are manufactured in our ISO 9001 2015 certified production facility in Trenton Tennessee MPS Trenton showcases state of the art robotic welding innovative Computer Numerical Control CNC machining and a long

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Types of utility poles used in overhead lines According to Pole materials there are 3 types wooden utility poles steel utility poles and concrete utility poles According to applications there are also 3 types transmission poles distribution poles and light poles

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2011 09 10 nbsp 0183 32 the installation of anchors Greely Rock Ltd worked under the civil division of Empirica Energy Inc 3 4 Poletec Industries Ltee Ltd was the supplier of the Tri Anchor pole mount system designed to secure utility poles in rocky terrain 3 5 The fatally injured worker Evan Horkoff was a first year lineman apprentice He