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2005 06 08 nbsp 0183 32 Hardware and Fasteners Curtain Rods on Drywall Hello all I am a new home owner and have to put curtain rods on drywall I have bought drywall screws from HD However before I begin my journey I wanted to see if someone can provide me with the do s and don t of installation of curtain rods on drywall Thanks in

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Includes One telescoping curtain rod screws drywall anchors and installation instructions Check on Amazon Bestseller No 2 Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Curtain Rod – 48″ to 88″ Nickel Adjustable length curtain rod in Nickel extends from 48 to 88 inches end to end excluding finials 52 to 92 inches including wraparound ends 5 8 inch rod diameter

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2009 10 09 nbsp 0183 32 The walls are concrete block with 3 4 quot furring strips and then 1 2 quot drywall I need to install curtain rods over all three each with a length of 88 quot The center support should be fine as there is a 4 quot piece of furring directly over the door I went in and took pictures during framing However each end is going to be over the drywall I can certainly try to hit the furring strip

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2009 10 10 nbsp 0183 32 The curtain rods are actually two rods supported by three supports one on each end and one in the middle The rods are hollow metal ones It is approx 80 quot wide In the area we wish to install the supports there is about 3 4 quot of drywall then a metal plate The options that I see are to a use shorter screws to secure the supports However I am unaware if this would

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2021 07 13 nbsp 0183 32 How do you install curtain rod brackets in drywall If you have drywall which is usually white on the front and brown on the back then you should use a drywall plug to secure the screws for the rod brackets You should be able to use the hardware that comes with your rod and the second screw will be fine to go in without an anchor It s more as a means of stopping

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2018 07 07 nbsp 0183 32 TOOLS and ITEMS you will NEED for this Project Curtain Rod Kit https amzn to 2G0QsRqCurtain Set https amzn to 2IhSSwyDeWalt Cordless Drill Set

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2021 11 28 nbsp 0183 32 Drywall may look solid enough but it won t hold a screw and if you mount a curtain rod improperly you ll end up with a sagging curtain and a hole to patch The best way to mount anything on drywall is to drive the mounting screws into the framing behind the wall but that isn t always possible

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In this orientation the curtain rod is secured to the drywall on the outside length of the window frame so that there is an overhang of the curtain and the window When curtains are hung on the outside of the window frame they block the most light and give a complete and seamless look to the window overall Mounting Curtains Inside The Window Frame Mounting a curtain rod

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2019 01 04 nbsp 0183 32 Wall anchors come in all different sizes depending on their use Ideally you want to find studs and secure the rod into them If the studs aren t located in an ideal place you can use drywall anchors rated to hold the weight of the rod curtains Yes can be a challenge I screwed the brackets into the studs

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2013 11 14 nbsp 0183 32 Subscribe Now http www youtube com subscription center add user ehowatHomeChannelWatch More http www youtube com ehowatHomeChannelHanging curtain rods on

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This quick guide is designed to help you learn how to hang curtain rods in drywall but the same basic process applies with only minor variations if you re mounting your hardware on another surface Position your first wall mount bracket on the wall where you made a mark Use a carpenter s level to make sure the mounting bracket is straight Mark the location of the screw

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2021 04 30 nbsp 0183 32 Plasterboard also known as drywall or gib board may look solid enough but it won t hold a screw and if you mount a curtain rod improperly you ll end up with a sagging curtain and a hole to patch However with the right tools and the right technique even heavy fabrics like velvet can hang safely and securely on internal windows without a wooden

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2022 03 13 nbsp 0183 32 To hang a heavy curtain rod in drywall the first step is to use plastic anchors where a traditional bracket would go Also add a center support bracket to help keep the rod from bending in the middle These items will ensure the rod stays on the drywall and doesn t lose its shape It s a simple fix and one that is going to ensure the curtain rod works the way

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2022 01 26 nbsp 0183 32 The national average materials cost to install a curtain rod is 18 14 per rod with a range between 14 11 to 22 17 The total price for labor and materials per rod is 159 94 coming in between 81 88 to 238 00 A typical 6 rod project costs 959 66 with a range of 491 29 to 1 428 03 4 days ago Are there curtain rods that don t screw No Drilling No

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Once you ve got your rod picked out watch our step by step instructional videos to help make installation a snap With the right tools at your disposal installing your curtain rods is an easy afternoon task you can tackle on your own If you need some extra support check out the FAQ section for answers to the questions we get asked about most

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Nails This is not going to be the prettiest curtain rod alternative that you can make use of Tree Branch Copper Pipes Rope Coat Hangers and String Can you use Command Strips for curtain rods Great for installing curtain rods or hanging wall d 233 cor coats and bags Use with rod diameter less than 5 8 in length less than 48 in and

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How do you secure curtain rods to drywall How much weight can a curtain rod hold Divide the weight by the required rod width to get the amount of weight per foot and choose a rod based on the manufacturer s information that will accommodate this weight For example if the curtains weigh 50 pounds and the required rod width is 12 feet the rod must hold just over 4

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If the curtain rod comes with hardware at all it s usually cheap soft metal that starts stripping even if my bit doesn t slip So I bought a set of plastic anchors at Lowe s The first try the drill bit that came with the anchors was too big and I could pull screw and all out of the wall So I went a size smaller and ruined several anchors trying to make them fit I tried self drilling

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wall anchors for curtain rods how to install curtain rods in drywall hang curtain rod in damaged drywall curtain rod anchors curtain rod brackets how to put up curtain rods without a drill See more articles in category FAQs About shapovmusic admin View all posts by shapovmusic admin Website Post navigation Previous what to wear to a farm Maybe you

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2017 07 18 nbsp 0183 32 The video below will show you how to hang heavy curtains on drywall GeeFix Fix it once Fix it right Hanging heavy curtains in drywall needs to be done with a fixing that can take the weight of the curtains GeeFix are heavy duty drywall anchors so ideal for mounting curtain rods in drywall for heavy curtains or drapes GeeFix Drywall

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I m trying to hang curtains for a floor to ceiling window by using drywall anchors to hold up the curtain rod However the plastic screw gets stuck about halfway anywhere I attempt to drill When I attempt to push the plastic screw further in while drilling it just expands the hole outward rather than becoming flush with the wall How can I do this correctly so as to install the

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2021 08 03 nbsp 0183 32 One of the biggest challenges in using Command Hooks to hang a curtain rod is that the rod ends up significantly closer to the wall than when hung with standard brackets which usually hold a rod out from the wall a good 4 6″ Below is a picture of the underside of the rod As you can see there is less than 1″ of clearance between the wall and the rod

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Can you install curtain rods without a drill A slim wooden dowel is a beautifully understated way to hang curtains And the beauty of using a sticky hook instead of drilling holes in the wall is that if you decide the curtains look too low or too high

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2021 04 23 nbsp 0183 32 To install a curtain rod measure and mark the bracket locations on the wall Use a Doing so may cause the plaster or drywall to crack Inspect the curtain rod hardware or kit before you drill the holes Slightly widen your pilot holes to accommodate drywall anchors Step 3 Hang the Rod and Curtains Take the finials off and install the rod Hang the curtains

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2013 04 29 nbsp 0183 32 1 Add the length of the curtains and the gap you want to have between the bottoms of the curtains and the floor Measure this height on the wall with a tape measure Make a mark with a pencil to

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2021 04 09 nbsp 0183 32 1 Steps To Hang Heavy Curtains Drywall 1 1 Step 1 Measuring the height and width of your window 1 2 Step 2 Purchasing your preferred curtain rod 1 3 Step 3 Running a stud detector 1 4 Step 4 Choosing the right place to put the brackets

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Drywall – How to install a curtain rod on a drywall curtain rail drywall Originally I though this would be an easy process however where I used to live all the houses are pure concrete therefore something like this used to be relatively simple My question is how can I attach a rod to a drywall I realize this questions might sound really ignorant but please bear with me