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Laboratory evaluation of corrosion resistance of steel dowels in concrete pavement draft Author Publisher ISBN OCLC 948600825 Category Page View 685 DOWNLOAD → 2005 2005 215 Download Dowels Evaluation of MMFX 2 Steel Corrosion resistant Dowel Bars in Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement 20 Mancio M Cruz C Zhang J Harvey J and

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dowel load transfer systems for concrete pavement systems including dowel basket design and fabrication and presents recommendations for widespread adoption i e standardization Development of the guide was sponsored by the National Concrete Consortium with the goal of helping practitioners develop and implement dowel load transfer designs based on knowledge

Standard Specification for Dowel Bars for Concrete Street

M 254 06 2019 Standard Specification for Corrosion Resistant Coated Dowel Bars M255M M 255 2019 Standard Specification for Steel Bars Carbon Hot Wrought Special Quality Mechanical Properties M 334M 334 2017 Standard Specification for Uncoated Corrosion Resistant Deformed and Plain Chromium Alloy Billet Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement

Dowel bars corrosion in concrete pavement

Dowel bars corrosion in concrete pavement To study the effectiveness of sealants in reducing chlorides and water intrusion into pavement joint openings nine 122 215 91 215 20 cm concrete slabs were fabricated One slab was cast without a joint and was used as a control two were cast with non sealed joints and the other six were cast with joints that were sealed after the slabs

PDF Dowel bars corrosion in concrete pavement

Dowel bars in unsealed jointed slabs sealed with type A sealant was 43 43 mA with jointed slabs had the highest corrosion rate density followed a standard


dowels have been used to prevent corrosion however the cost of these bars can be as much as six times the cost of an epoxy coated steel dowel In recent years glass fibre reinforced polymers GFRP have been introduced as a promising alternative material to steel GFRP are not affected by de icing salts provides good strength and do not require surface de bonding

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Dowel bars in jointed plain concrete pavement JPCP have the important function of transferring wheel loads from one slab to the other hence ensuring that the deflections on each side of the joint are kept almost equal As well the dowels should not impede the concrete pavement movements due to environmental effects temperature and moisture Dowel bar

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Reinforcement such as tie bars dowel bars and other embedded steel products are typically not used for overlays less than 6 in 150 mm thick Continuously reinforced bonded overlays have been constructed by some agencies and in these cases steel is placed at sufficient depth to provide a minimum of 3 in 75 mm of concrete cover

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1917 1918 –First use of dowel bars in concrete pavement transverse joints in the U S Brief History of U S Dowel Design through 1990 First U S use of dowels 1917 1918 Newport News VA Army Camps Two 190 in dowels across each 10 ft lane joint Rapid but nonuniform adoption through 20s and 30s 1926 practices two 189 in x 4 ft four 5 8 in x 4 ft eight 190 in x 2 ft


MODELLING OF CONCRETE PAVEMENT DOWEL SLAB INTERACTION Scott MurisonA Ahmed ShalabyA and Aftab A MuftiB corrosion susceptible steel dowels Studies at the University of Manitoba have shown that FRP dowels are a promising alternative to steel Two FRP dowel designs have been investigated one being a 38 mm diameter solid FRP dowel

Evaluation of MMFX Corrosion Resistant Steel Dowel Bars in

Evaluation of MMFX Corrosion Resistant Steel Dowel Bars in Concrete Pavements This experimental study was initiated to evaluate MMFX corrosion resistant steel dowel bars manufactured by MMFX Steel Corporation of America MMFX steel has a low carbon content eight to ten percent chromium high strength and is highly corrosion resistant This report

Standard Specification for Dowel Bars for Concrete Street

3 3 All dowel bars shall be coated with an appropriate and approved bond breaking material prior to installation in concrete pavement unless the dowel bar manufacturer demonstrates that dowel pull out forces as determined using Section 6 of ACPA T 253 21 meet the requirements of Section 6 5 2 below without the use of an approved bond

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The bond strength of bars No 8 and No 11 embedded with UHPC is 8 times of the bond strength between bars and conventional concrete Tazarv amp Saiidi 2017 It is also realized that time to set and time to achieve desirable strength may be a challenge for the use of UHPC Figure 17 Dowel splice Wu 2016 A Step 1 Inserting dowel rebars B step 2 Filler or bonding

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concrete pavements JRCP a similar loss in LTE can occur if existing dowel bars at the joints fail through corrosion rupture or deformation Mid panel transverse cracks of medium to high severity generally have low LTE for both JPCP and JRCP Load transfer restoration LTR is the process of improving LTE of jointed plain concrete pavements by placing load transfer

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Steel Dowel Bar Corrosion In Concrete Pavement by Accelerated Test PI John Harvey Jieying


REINFORCED CONCRETE PAVEMENTS 13 1 Application competitive with plain concrete pavements of equal steel may be considered in areas where corrosion of the steel may be a problem will place the steel above the neutral axis of the slab and will allow clearance for dowel bars The wire or bar sizes and spacing should be selected to give

PDF Laboratory Evaluation of Corrosion Resistance of

The objective of this study was to perform a laboratory investigation of the corrosion performance of several types of steel dowels embedded in concrete beams The concrete beams and dowels were subjected to exposure to concentrated chloride solutions intended to accelerate corrosion and simulate environmental conditions The purpose of this investigation was to

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2019 09 19 nbsp 0183 32 end of the dowel bar to account for pavement expansion see Figure 1 as required by the contract documents Verify that dowels have been coated with an approved bond release compound to prevent bonding of dowel slot patch material to dowels Verify that proper clearance is maintained between the supported dowel bar and the sidewalls ends and

PDF Dowel bars corrosion in concrete pavement

To accelerate dowel bar corrosion and to examine pavement joint sealant effectiveness in abating chloride intrusion the slabs were exposed to

Non Corrosive Tie Reinforcing and Dowel Bars for Highway

The use of non metallic load transfer and reinforcement devices for concrete highway pavements is a possible alternative to avoid corrosion problems related to the current practice of steel materials Laboratory and field testing of highway pavement dowel bars made of both steel and fiber composite materials and fiber composite tie rods were carried out in this research

High performance fusion bonded epoxy coated dowels

– no epoxy coated dowel corrosion after five years at installed sites Corrosion resistance can be offset – when the concrete surrounding the dowel scrapes this shell during installation or pavement load transfer moments Approximate Dowel and Pavement Costs Type Approximate Cost Paving cost increase Stainless 21 23 51 Stainless Clad 15 19 25


In order that a transverse expansion joint in a rigid pavement function properly it is necessary that the load transfer dowels offer little resistance to slab movements Increased use of various salts for ice removal has caused dowel bar corrosion to be of some concern The products of corrosion from ordinary steel dowel bars exhibit a large volume increase which causes a

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2019 09 27 nbsp 0183 32 High Performance Concrete Pavement with Uncoated and Coated Corrosion Resistant ChromX Dowels and Tie Bars Utilizing ChromX ASTM A1035 dowels and tie bars extends pavement life – between 30 50 and 100 years – delivering reduced life cycle costs for both new and rehabilitated pavement projects ChromX dowel and tie bars are available in

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vertically to the plane of the concrete pavement Jackhammers operated in a vertically position often punch through the floor of the slots Many contractors have used 15 pound jackhammer to level the bottom of the slot Leveling the bottom of the slot will help to ensure that the dowel bar will meet alignment tolerances Photo 8 Maintain jackhammer at a 45 degree angle Photo 9

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A joint and crack beneath it were formed at the middle of the slab to simulate field conditions To accelerate dowel bar corrosion and to examine pavement joint sealant effectiveness in abating chloride intrusion the slabs were exposed to alternate ponding cycles of 6 sodium chloride solution 3 days of ponding and 4 days of drying

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The performance of Portland cement concrete joints in transferring traffic loads to adjacent slabs is influenced by several factors including temperature and moisture distributions within the slabs physical properties of the base and subgrade underlying the pavement moisture content of the subgrade and the type size and spacing of dowel bars Finite element methods have been

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As a bit of background the first pavement dowels used consistently in this country were 189 in diameter 24 in long bare steel bars 4 per lane back in the 1920s I

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anode technology to protect the steel dowels from corrosion The LifeDowel is produced by bonding solid zinc strip to the standard ASTM A615 steel dowel bar High Performance concrete pavement design using LifeDowels double the design life from 25 years to 50 years but only cost 20 25 more to pave than conventional concrete pavement designs 174

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Dowel bars are used in the construction of jointed concrete pavements to provide load transfer which is vital to long performance Misaligned or improperly placed dowels may cause poor joint performance resulting in pavement distresses such as cracking spalling or faulting