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A common and long standing application of anchoring adhesives is the installation of deformed reinforcing bars rebar in holes drilled in concrete to emulate the behavior of cast in place reinforcing bars Figure 2 These are commonly referred to as post installed reinforcing bars This application can be characterized as follow a Post installed reinforcing bars are

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The installation type exception requiring post installed anchor testing is only for adhesive anchors installed horizontally and upwardly inclined overhead installations which also resist sustained tension loads For these three post installed anchor applications proof loading alternatively called tension testing is required by the CBC

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Post installed anchors adhesive anchor Post installed anchors predrilled fasteners Masonry anchors field testing Background Section 1604 2 of the NYC Building Code requires loads and forces for occupancies and uses not covered in such chapter to be subject to the approval of the commissioner Since the NYC Construction Codes do not

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Post Installed Anchor Testing The jobsite where installer experience can vary dramatically is no place to experiment with anchors That s why we thoroughly test and document the performance parameters and application

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he installation of adhesive anchors post installed anchors that employ adhesives in conjunction with threaded rods or other types of anchor elements in a drilled hole is a critical aspect of many construction projects Improper installation of adhesive anchors can result in a substantial reduction of the safety factor and may in some cases lead to failure particularly

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2015 01 15 nbsp 0183 32 ICC ES Evaluation Reports for Post Installed Adhesive Anchors in Concrete Elements Updated to Meet New AC308 Criteria New and revised reports published Jan 15 or later attest to compliance Post Installed Adhesive Anchors manufacturers who hold new or revised ICC Evaluation Service evaluation reports published on or after Jan 15 2015 are in

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As a Project Manager you may need to proof test post installed anchors or post installed rebar in order to document the installed quality for the Quality Manager Project Owner or an external inspector For both cases Hilti offers on site tensile testing services Our engineers work with you on the jobsite and then provide a PDF test report with load and displacement values

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Keywords Post installed adhesive anchor tensile and ductility Japanese design prediction ETAG and ACI 1 INTRODUCTION Post installed adhesive anchoring systems are used in important joints among structure members on seismic retrofitting and renewal applications today It also increases that needs implement seismic retrofitting and renewal with living in buildings

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In our case it will serve to increase the gravity carrying footing capacity by 70 to accommodate the additional weight of a new structure above Column provides sufficient confi

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Pre installation inspection of post installed mechanical anchors usually consists of verification of anchor type material size and length drilling method drill bit type and size hole cleaning procedures and anchor installation and setting procedures

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2019 09 26 nbsp 0183 32 This new program builds upon the ACI Adhesive Anchor Installation Inspector certification program and includes inspection of post installed mechanical anchors Both the new Post Installed Concrete Anchor Installation Inspector program and existing Adhesive Anchor Installation Inspector program are cited in the new ACI 318 19 Building Codes

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Three types of adhesives were used for anchor installation Type A a fast setting two component methyl methacrylate adhesive Type B a fast setting two part epoxy adhesive and Type C a standard set two part epoxy adhesive The study is divided into four phases Phase I consists of 27 static pullout tests to determine the yield strength fy and the maximum tensile

Special Inspection Guidelines for Post installed Anchors

Special Inspection of Post installed Anchors The inspection requirements for post installed anchors are generally derived from the manufacturer s published installation instructions MPII and from the relevant evaluation report ICC ES ESR or other for the product Typical inspection procedures consist of reviewing the type of anchors that will be installed prior to the


2019 10 08 nbsp 0183 32 a The personnel performing anchor installation are experienced and qualified to use the specific adhesive or anchor system being employed such training can be requested from Hilti For example in the US post installed adhesives must be performed by certified installers while in Germany this certification is


1 00 PM Testing commences closed book Adhesive Anchor Installer followed by the open book Post Installed Anchor Installation Inspector POST INSTALLED CONCRETE ANCHOR INSTALLATION INSPECTOR WHAT TO BRING Drivers license or photo ID must be presented at the time you check in at the testing facility

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Behaviour of post installed adhesive anchors in natural stone Loredana Contrafattoa ⇑ Renato Cosenzab a Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of Catania Italy bLaboratory of Structural and Material Testing University of Catania Italy highlights Experimental research on chemical anchors in natural stone Embedment length of chemically post

Creep Behaviour of Post Installed Adhesive Anchors under

Creep Behaviour of Post Installed Adhesive Anchors under Various Sustained Load Levels and Environmental Exposures by Adham Mohamed El Menoufy A thesis presented to the University of Waterloo in fulfillment of the thesis requirement for the degree of Master of Applied Science in Civil Engineering Waterloo Ontario Canada 2010 169 Adham Mohamed El Menoufy 2010 ii

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Post installed anchor testing The jobsite where installer experience can vary dramatically is no place to experiment with anchors That s why we thoroughly test and document the performance parameters and application and

Special Inspection Guidelines for Post installed Anchors

inspection of post installed mechanical and adhesive anchors installed in hardened concrete This document is based on the requirements for special inspection in the International Building Code IBC published by the International Code Council as well as in the California Building Code as amended by the Office of Statewide Health and Planning Development OSHPD This

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2014 03 07 nbsp 0183 32 Anchor design and testing is a large majority of what I do Unless you have a special inspector on site while the anchors are being installed the large majority of construction laborers will not clean the hole correctly for an adhesive anchor Most anchors are installed without the inspector because that requires the dreaded quot C quot word Coordination

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1 ALL adhesive anchor systems must be qualified to resist sustained tension loads D 2 3 2 Adhesive anchors to be installed overhead must be qualified for overhead and horizontal installation D 3 4 3 Adhesive anchors subject to sustained tension are subjected to a

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Simpson Strong Tie Anchor Systems 174 products offer several post installed anchorage solutions for holdowns and bases Often times these products are used when cast in place anchors are omitted or mislocated or in retrofit applications The following design values provide solutions to common applications encountered in the light frame construction market

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systems for post installed reinforcing bars refer to Spieth et al 2001 1 2 Scope This standard applies only to post installed adhesive anchors as defined herein R1 2 Adhesive anchors resist tension loads with a combi nation of adhesion and mechanical bond micro interlock Different anchor designs and adhesive types may exhibit a

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2008 08 22 nbsp 0183 32 In January 2002 the American Concrete Institute ACI issued a new standard ACI355 2 01 which prescribed a comprehensive testing program to ascertain design parameters for post installed adhesive anchors and or mechanical anchors used in cracked or uncracked concrete ACI355 2 is intended to complement ACI318 Appendix D which addresses cast

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During the adhesive injection cleaned holes are typically filled approximately one half to two thirds full of the mixed adhesive for installations in solid masonry materials Start the injection from the bottom or back of the anchor hole and slowly withdraw the mixing nozzle as the hole fills to avoid creating air pockets or voids

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ICC ES AC308 Post installed Adhesive Anchors in Concrete Elements Specifies acceptance criteria for adhesive anchors in concrete elements to meet building code ICC ES ESR Evaluation Services Report Document issued by ICC ES to show a product is in compliance with the building code ASTM E488 Standard Test Methods for strength of Anchors in Concrete

Requirements For Anchors in Accordance With ACI 318 11 and IBC

Continuous special inspection for adhesive anchors may also be triggered by the manner in which they are assessed under the ACI standard ACI 355 4 Qualification of Post Installed Adhesive Anchors in Concrete ACI 355 4 and Commentary In such cases proof loading is


post installed adhesive anchors and or mechanical anchors used in cracked or uncracked concrete Clause 17 5 6 NZS 3101 Part 1 2006 or ACI 318 Appendix D may also be used for post installed mechanical anchors that have passed the qualification test stipulated in ACI 355 2 Post installed mechanical anchors intended to resist seismic actions shall have

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Post installed adhesive anchors are used around for several years but it wasn t until 1990 s that they began gaining widespread use In 1995 the primary adhesive anchor testing criteria AC58 was adopted and later superseded by AC308 in 2005 with the goal of getting adhesive anchors adopted into the ACI 318 code After the 1999 Post installed reinforcement are widely utilized

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Part of the changes in the 2014 ACI 318 and the 2015 IBC is that anchors in hardened concrete adhesive anchors mechanical anchors predominantly require periodic inspections The exception is horizontally or upwardly inclined adhesive anchors resisting sustained tension loads which require continuous inspection