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2015 10 14 nbsp 0183 32 Ground Rod Sledge Thread starter harbormaster Start date Oct 11 2015 Status Not open for further replies Prev 1 2 First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page Go ATSman ATSman Location San Francisco Bay Area Occupation Electrical Engineer Electrical Testing amp Controls Oct 13 2015 21 SDS definition SDS definition Tony S said Adapters are made for SDS

Driving ground rods

2015 04 05 nbsp 0183 32 Ground rod electrodes must be installed so that not less than 8 ft of length is in contact with the soil Where rock bottom is encountered the ground rod must be driven at an angle not to exceed

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Since ground rods are typically 8 feet long you will need a small ladder to reach the top of the rod Then carefully so as not to hit your partner hammer the top of the rod with a 5 pound hammer or small sledge hammer As the rod is driven down you may need to descend the ladder for the best angle to drive it Once the rod is within a few inches of the ground you can

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When I first started driving ground rods by hand I used a sledge hammer Then I decided it was easier to use a steel fence post pounder Either way can be dangerous to the operator s health One time when pounding a ground rod one of the guys took such a big swing that the fence post pounder over balanced on the upward swing and came down on his head Another

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2007 07 26 nbsp 0183 32 How to use Simply insert the 5 8 quot or 190 quot ground rod rebar or other metal implement into the Sluggo Ox s 3 189 quot bore Use a sledge hammer to pound Sluggo Ox forcing the metal rod into the earth leaving ample length above ground to allow for attaching grounding clamps Sluggo Ox can them be removed and is ready for the next application

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Put a rock to under the rod to hold it up straddle the rod and use the sledge to hammer it the rest of the way in Having most of the rod 6 8 inches under the ground seems to work fine Read more 4 0 out of 5 stars Good product does the job helps to know options for putting in the ground By mcashman on January 17 2015 Good product does the job Note that you can

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2006 06 18 nbsp 0183 32 Sixty is still pretty damn heavy though I have pounded in 6 ground rods with a 20lbs sledge and that was a workout and a half Agreed back in the day with my old crew we had onb 20 pound sledge for serious stuff The other two hammers were 10 pounders and boss always said that the heavier the sledge the more worthless I use a 16 pounder and a 12

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2017 08 23 nbsp 0183 32 Don t even try to hold it unless you like whacking your hand with a chunk of iron A trick I came up with to pound in a ground with a sledge hammer Drill a 7 8 quot hole in a 2x4 Start your rod so it stands on it s own in the ground Place the 2x4 over the rod through the hold you just made Rest the other end of the 2x4 on the top rung of your ladder As you pound it into

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you ever tried to pound an eight foot rod perpendicular into the ground to hit hard pack or rocks Then try to pull out the rod to start over – no way No mallet or quot T quot post sledge for me I ve taken another approach that is more economical and has increased soil contact surface area I hydra drill a ten foot section of 189 schedule K or L copper PIPE in lieu of a rod The copper

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The first grounding rod must be driven into the soil within 20 feet of the fence energizer Additional grounding rods should be spaced 10 feet apart from the previous rod For ease of installation pour water into the entry point when pounding in your ground rods A sledge hammer T post driver or hammer drill can be used to install the rods

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The Ground Pounder™ handle slides over the ground rod to safely contain the rod while the weighted end drives the rod down The length of the handle allows for a full striking stroke while the weight does all the work One the handle is flush with the ground turn the Ground Pounder™ over and use the flat end to finish the drive Weight 18 lbs For use on 5 8 and 189 Ground

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Tie Rod Ball Joint Separator Forks Part 213521 Part 213522 Part 213523 Part 213524 11 16 quot 15 16 quot 1 1 8 quot 1 7 16 quot Used for driving 3 4 quot 7 8 quot concrete and ground rods 718 quot Punch Tip Part 750005 Used to punch a 7 8 quot hole through hard surfaces such as asphalt Or frozen ground 5 1b Handle Weight Part 211808 Increases the Slide SledgeTM striking torce by 5 lbs works

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2006 07 31 nbsp 0183 32 Indianapolis IN Jul 29 2006 3 There is only one way I drive a ground rod with my rotory hammer drill and the 70 00 ground rod driving bit It will save you more time by the time you have driven the third rod you have paid for the bit I have seen guy hook up a Hole Hawg to a ground rod and drill them in this is not recommended by me

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12 lb Hickory Sledge Hammer 36 quot Shop our entire line of Construction hand tools and more at GUS Call us at 800 245 8339

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Dig a small hole around 4 inches deep Insert the rod horizontally or at a slight slope into the ground from the hole until they can t be pushed by hand Put a rock to under the rod to hold it up straddle the rod and use the sledge to hammer it the rest of the way in Having most of the rod 6 8 inches under the ground seems to work fine

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2008 10 12 nbsp 0183 32 push the rod in as far as you can then wiggle it around a bit to taper the hole pour some water in the hole and using an up and down motion just work the rod into the ground keeping water in the hole it will almost fall in drive in the last little bit with a sledge

drill Hammering a rebar into the ground without bending

2017 05 23 nbsp 0183 32 Demo hammer with a ground rod bit is genius up there with sliced bread I was putting in some ground rods recently and still had about 4 to go on the first one Wasn t making any progress with a sledge hammer Was thinking there has to be a better way Stopped by the rental shop and found out there was –

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Additional grounding rods should be spaced 10 feet apart from the previous rod For ease of installation pour water into the entry point when pounding in your ground rods A sledge hammer T post driver or hammer drill can be used to install the rods into the soil

Easy Ground Rod Driver N4LCD

Easy Ground Rod Driver by Paul Quillen N4LCD Everyone has problems driving an 8 ground rod into the ground with a sledge hammer The rod wobbles every time you hit it And it s easy to miss a wobbly target 7 off the ground even if you try to hold it still I bought a Bosch 11224VSRK Rotary Hammer from Lowe s in Lexington Virginia for 229 00

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Details Application Designed to drive ground rods without the needs of sledge hammer Compatible Compatible with all SDS sized drivers rotary hammers Bosch Hilti Makita Milwaukee etc Design 6 75 quot overall length with 3 4 quot ID 1 quot OD 3 quot socket depth 2 quot shank length Durability One piece high quality hardened steel long lasting construction Package

Cricket great Rod Marsh farewelled by Dennis Lillee John

2022 03 17 nbsp 0183 32 Rod Marsh s Baggy Green cap and wicketkeeping gloves and sprigs of wattle Marsh died of a heart attack earlier this month He played 96 Tests for Australia between 1970 and 1984 scoring 3633

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Manual Ground Rod Driver A simple and unique tool to drive ground rods below grade This one tool can handle an eight foot rod while standing on the ground and drive the rod below grade without the need for additional tools It handles the job with relative ease and contains the impact force within the unit The job gets done without damage to

Pounding a ground rod sawmillcreek org

2008 10 12 nbsp 0183 32 When the rods get down to close to the dirt I switch to a sledge hammer and a small pipe with a pipe nipple fastened to it After I tie the two rods together using grounding fittings I finish driving the rods below the surface and bury the bonding wire If the rods are going through cement they should be installed prior to the pour to protect them from physical

Driving ground rods

2015 04 05 nbsp 0183 32 on to use for driving ground rods I see there are SDS Plus and SDS Max versions Interchangeable bits I ve been using a pipe welded into a sledge hammer head for years to drive the rods It works of course but it s a bit hard on old hands I did see a video of a guy driving a rod with a sledge He drilled a hole in a board then slipped the board over the

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2016 06 20 nbsp 0183 32 1 Ian Botham to Rod Marsh Cricket Unfortunately it s an Aussie on the receiving end of the best sledge – and best comeback – on the list Upon walking out to bat Englishman Ian Botham was cheekily asked by Australian wicketkeeper Rod Marsh How s your wife and my kids Not missing a beat Botham retorted

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Prestressed Ground Anchors The prestressing of a rock or soil anchor is done by one of two methods The preferred and most accurate way to prestress an anchor is to use a hollow ram hydraulic jack which couples directly to the end of the anchor with a pull rod assembly The jack frame typically bears against the steel plate while the hydraulic

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2018 08 26 nbsp 0183 32 Even in rougher soil conditions it can be done in minutes vs hours using a sledge hammer Length can be anything from 4 feet on but the longer the better and 8 feet is the standard for electrical panel ground rods They re by far the most common

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The ground rod driver bit will fit over rebar up to 190 quot in diameter and with the sledge hammer pound the stake OUT of the ground by moving the hammer upwards in the opposite direction that the stake is driven in Usually only 3 5 strokes are required to remove a typical 18 24 quot piece of rebar Very easy once you get the hang of it Glen from Disorient has a good tip for larger

Excavation and Backfilling of Soil Work Sequence and

Boning Rod Sledge Hammer Basket Iron Pan Line and Pins hydraulic compactor Drawings required for excavation Centerline Drawing Layout Plan Scope of Work for Excavation and Backfilling of Soil Setting out of corner benchmarks Survey for ground levels Survey for top levels Excavation to approved depth Dressing of loose soil Making up to cut off level