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My inner tie rods are basically shaped like outers I was able to loosen the locking nut with a ton of penetrating oil and about 3 4 minutes of heat I can barely get the actual inner tie rod end to turn though Using heat I was able to put a pair of vise grips to it and get it to do about 1 2 turn for every 30 seconds of heat That worked for

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2010 06 09 nbsp 0183 32 Joined November 07 2009 Posts 848 Location Orangevale Ca Posted Fri Jun 04 2010 7 36 pm Post subject stuck tie rod pickle fork aka ball joint tool there is also tool that slips over rod and uses a bolt to press against tie rod stud to remove but you need right size combination of tools and heat applied guickly should do it

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2013 08 15 nbsp 0183 32 First the outer nut on the ball joint stuck in place and I had to handsaw the bolt for removal Couldn t separate inner from outer rods so I again handsaw bought whole assembly anyway but need the boot Now I can t remove the 1 5 16 octagonal nut on the outer tie rod ball joint connecting to the steering rack Have tried Wd 40 Lots of brute force wrapped

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2021 01 13 nbsp 0183 32 Now locate the inner tie rod end by following the outer tie rod end By the way if you need a new tie rod here you will find our honest reviews of the best tie rods available on Amazon How to Remove the Tie Rod End In order to remove the tie rod end you need to use a wrench for loosening the pinch nut which holds the outer tie rod end

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2019 04 30 nbsp 0183 32 Check it out From impossible to loose This is what I used https amzn to 2GU1Ejm Propane Torch Kithttps amzn to 2vrDPcc Penetrant Oil 3 in 1https a

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2015 12 08 nbsp 0183 32 It made short work of a 15 year old tie rod stuck in a spindle Looks like this After putting a lot of pressure on the bottom of the bolt I tapped the spindle with a hammer and it separated I left the castle nut on the bottom to keep the tie rod from flying out Dec 8 2015 3 E evilWS6 Veteran Member Jan 22 2013 338 ny

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2011 09 06 nbsp 0183 32 Lube the inner tie rod threads to ease re assembly If you have fluid leaking from the rack boots you have a bad rack The new rack comes with outer tie rod ends 2017 Dodge Charger R T Scat Pack Go Mango 2011 Dodge Charger R T Plus AWD Redline 5 7L Hemi Registry 1650 Tbird100636 2006 Dodge Charger R T Inferno Red Gone 5 7L Hemi

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2016 07 25 nbsp 0183 32 Map gas Torch kit http amzn to 2v3BlS8 Amazon Affiliate 3 lb sledge hammer http amzn to 2fersv7 Amazon Affiliate Impact gun http amzn to 2v53GFH

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2017 02 12 nbsp 0183 32 Trying to get inner tie rod end loose on 73 Charger Tried leaving nut on end and smacking with a regular sized hammer with no luck I Sprayed it down

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Stuck on tie rod end bolt I m helping a friend change out her tie rod end on a 99 diamonte and her tie rod quot rotates quot cause it s old and worn to shit Im trying to get that one bolt that hold the alignment position at the back of the rod end but it s a bitch and a half

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2016 11 25 nbsp 0183 32 Backing off an inner tie rod from the steering center link with two pipe wrenches made with spliceapp http get spliceapp com

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Stuck inner tie rod Need ideas 05 Silverado Steering I cannot for the life of me get the inner tie rod to break loose on my truck I ve rented an inner tie rod tool from an auto parts store and my impact driver is basically bending the steel quot wrench quot end of the tie rod tool I ve also tried using a breaker bar and a jack but the tie rod

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2019 07 29 nbsp 0183 32 Inner tie rod is stuck 2008 grand prix I have the tie rod tool and placed it on the nut rotated counter clockwise no budging Heated the nut up assuming I would break the loc tite Mechanic s Assistant Have you checked the coolant level Has there been any leaking from the hoses Tie rods Mechanic s Assistant Are you fixing your Grand Prix yourself What have

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2011 10 13 nbsp 0183 32 Tie rod end stuck in the pitman arm Thread starter Biche Start date Oct 12 2011 Watchers 4 1 2 Next 1 of 2 Go to page Go Next Last Biche Joined Mar 26 2011 Messages 715 Location Mirabel QC Website www gabrielmongeon com Oct 12 2011 1 I m currently replacing my tie rod ends TRE I successfully remove all TRE except the one in the

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While performing alignment the mechanic showed me that the inner tie rod is stuck together with the tie rod end AKA outer tie rod even when the locknut had been loosened So the toe in on the right front wheel cannot be adjusted Their printout shows the toe in of 0 15 degree 0 09 and the spec range is 0 09 so it s at the maximum end of the spec range I also

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The inner tie rod I removed wasn t staked never would have got it out otherwise and neither of the replacement inner tie rods sold by NAPA TRW or Saginaw types had holes for staking The TRW one had a set screw which comes close to staking but was the opposite of what the shop manual reported It s easy to tell the Saginaw from the TRW because the Saginaw has a

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inner outer tie rod assembly VW Audi 4b0 419 801 m inner tie rod 4d0 422 821 a outer tie rod end VW Audi 4f0 498 811 Preferred heavy duty tie rod from Audi S4 VW Audi 8e0 419 811 b 1x vertical TRE bolt n 906 289 02 new TRE come with this 1x horizontal TRE bolt 4d0 407 192 c always replace is probably rusted anyways 1x horizontal TRE nut n 102 861 10

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2015 01 29 nbsp 0183 32 Outer tie rods stuck 1 Get under the car and loosen the tie rod end nut several threads 2 Set the pipe wrench until it barely fits over the hex part hopefully you haven t rounded it completely of the inner 3 While positioned towards the front of the car with the wrench in front of you pull

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2005 03 16 nbsp 0183 32 I ve got the inner and outer tie rods on the passenger side done and the inner on the drivers side in this thread in this sub forum in the entire site Advanced Search Cancel Login Join What s New Forum Listing Marketplace Showcase Gallery Advanced Search Members FAQ Dark Mode Menu Log in Register Home Forums General Discussion Vintage Mustang

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2019 10 13 nbsp 0183 32 Inner wheel bearing stuck on spindle tie rod help Thread starter Murman Start date Oct 4 2019 Watchers 5 M Murman Joined Jan 12 2019 Messages 3 Location NC Oct 4 2019 1 First off I am resurrecting this 1971 FJ 40 for my older brother who just had a baby boy This will be a surprise for him as he has no idea I am working on it It was his daily driver in

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Inner Outer Tie Rods Stuck Together Pretty much the title I took my 2008 Kia Rio Lx 1 6l Auto Trans with 179k miles to get an alignment and found out my outer tie rod end was shot I have the outer tie rod end disconnected from the brake knuckle and the jam nut broke loose by about 1 2 a turn Issue is I can t seem to separate the outer tie rod end from the inner tie rod I

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2005 03 15 nbsp 0183 32 Stuck tie rod Thread starter Anonymous Start date Mar 15 2005 A Anonymous Guest Mar 15 2005 1 I m in the process of replacing the entire steering I ve got the inner and outer tie rods on the passenger side done and the inner on the drivers side as well But go figure the last drivers side outer tie rod wont drop down I saw the tech article on mustangsplus com

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the inner tierod is stuck to the steering rack and doesnt wanna loosen up i have the rack out of the car on the bench and tried holding the rack in the vice and using a monkey wrench on the tierod to no avail if i put any more force on it it will turn the shaft in the rack and i cant ruin this rack but must remove the inner tierod as its already cut in half

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2015 12 10 nbsp 0183 32 Inner Tie Rod Stud STUCK In Center Link Discussion in Suspension Steering Brake amp Wheel Topics started by evilWS6 Dec 7 2015 Page 2 of 2 lt Prev 1 2 Dec 8 2015 11 evilWS6 Veteran Member Messages 335 Likes Received 8 Joined Jan 22 2013 Location ny No luck I decided quot screw it I ll remove the center link and worry about the tie rod end once

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2016 06 19 nbsp 0183 32 You are just turning the inner tie rod which will turn FOREVER First thing you have to do to get it apart is take the nut off the outer tie rod end Pop it out Hold the inner rod with a pipe wrench Back off the counter holding nut Now unthread the outer tie rod If the nut on the outer tie rod spins

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2014 04 12 nbsp 0183 32 there is a special tool for the inner tie rods in the past ive just used stilson s or used an old exhaust clamp F flisko Joined Jan 20 2013 Messages 6 150 Apr 9 2014 3 when i had seized brake pipe bolts i took them to a guy i know to heat them up they would undo easy T14086 Forum Moderator Joined Sep 12 2004 Messages 39 859 Location Preston Apr 9

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2013 12 12 nbsp 0183 32 Tie rod front left is worn I have changed quite a few but this time can t get the out tie rod separated from the inner tie rods Any suggestions tips tricks how to break loose the connection Have been soaking for 2 days now but the outer thread is way into the inner rod so little penetrating I assume Afraid to use heat and damage the inner from past experience